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Miami Beach Changes Partying Rules

Miami Beach commissioners recently voted in favor of a proposed ordinance which meant new rules for event planners. Under the changes, it will be illegal to host a commercial party in a single-family home—meaning that the owner receives more than $100 in cash, goods, or services "for the use of the property," that an event is sponsored for more than $100 "providing a promotional opportunity plainly visible" from the street, or that an event is open to the public for a fee. Fund-raisers will still be allowed, but only if notice is given to the city three days in advance and proof of nonprofit status, parking, and security plans are provided. All donations, including goods and services, will have to be given directly to the charity. Political events will be exempt. Real estate open houses after 8 PM and their use for promoting products will be prohibited. Movie and modeling shoots will remain unchanged. Fines for violations will run from $1,000 to $15,000.
Posted 02.02.07
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