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Rudy's New Hostess

Posted 05.29.01
Irene Halligan--Mayor Rudy Giuliani's new official Gracie Mansion hostess since he relieved estranged wife Donna Hanover of her first lady duties--tells The New York Post's Cindy Adams that protocol isn't her toughest challenge now; clothing is. She's still unpacking boxes since moving into a new apartment. She also shares a few tales of her party-throwing past working with the city and the United Nations: "Once I left the Queen of Thailand's dinner because of illness. I was out the door when I felt eyes in the back of my head so I returned. You do not leave before Her Majesty. With the Empress of Japan there were so many instructions. Don't touch her, don't talk to her. And she was so sweet. The worst was, they told me, 'Be sure nobody wears black in front of her.' What?! This is New York. How could I do that! So I didn't."

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