MarthaWatch: It's Down to Three!

Alas, our two favorites, Ryan and Marcela, the last of the Matchstick team, were both fired in last week's episode of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Their task, to design an in-flight commercial for discount airline Song, was ill-fated from the beginning. Ryan decided to focus the plot of the commercial on a baseball player who overslept and missed his flight to a big game, even though he knew the airline's target demographic is fortysomething women and that a sports approach might not be the right angle. (On the other team, Dawna spent a good deal of time making sure Jim didn't drink the martinis that were part of their commercial, and Bethenny griped that Jim was attempting to be too arty when directing the shots.)

(Unfortunately, the prime-time exposure for the airline was too little, too late. Song's parent company, Delta, announced in late October that it was discontinuing the airline.)

So now it's down to three, and we're betting on Bethenny. We think Jim's been retained this long for the entertainment value of his unpredictable behavior, and Dawna is too boring and lacks good ideas. The hitch: if you recall from the premiere episode, Bethenny is a friend of the daughter of Charles Koppelman (Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia's chairman of the board and Stewart's cigar-chomping right hand on the show)—a win for Bethenny might smack of favoritism. What do you think?
Posted 12.14.05