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PRODUCT: New Lighting Fixture Is User-Friendly

In October, Coemar USA introduced Par Lite LED, a lightweight, portable lighting fixture that is more convenient to use than the conventional PARCAN (or Parallel Can) fixture typically used to light events. The new fixture can run using 36 watts of power, as opposed to the 1,000 watts needed to use PARCANs. According to Coemar, Par Lites last for 100,000 hours, while standard PARCANs typically last about 200 hours. As many as 35 Par Lite LED lamps can be hooked up to one 20-amp circuit, which is ideal for venues without a sufficient power source. Their small size is useful for uplighting decor, backdrops, and scenery. The fixtures can be purchased for $1,395 each or rented for $50 each per week. —Vanessa Goyanes
Posted 12.22.05

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