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Toronto Retailer Marks 61 Years of Business—and Imminent Closing—With Commemorative Bar

Candice & Alison provided decals for the large central bar.
Candice & Alison provided decals for the large central bar.
Photo: Mauricio Calero

To celebrate decades in business, a company's employees drink. When a company's about to close, its employees drink. So there was plenty of cause for downing a few at Zellers's "Farewell Party" on November 15 from an eye-catching bar.

Produced by Candice & Alison, the event took place at Zellers's raw distribution center and had a dual purpose. The bittersweet fete served as a thank-you to current and past employees as the retailer gets ready to shutter all its stores; it also celebrated the company's 61-year history. At the center of the space, a massive, four-sided bar was covered in blown-up newspaper clippings from 1951, the company's opening year. Big-band music and servers dressed in period garb added to the nostalgic atmosphere.

The mood was at once "vibrant, celebratory, and commemorative," said Candice & Alison creative director Candice Chan.

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