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VENUE: Zen Village Is a Tranquil Option

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Zen Village, which opened in Coconut Grove in March, provides a peaceful escape for those on the go. Founder Chufei Tsai offers guided meditation, yoga, and feng shui lessons for groups looking to reduce stress and promote relaxation. The space, filled with authentic Indian objects, has a large second-floor room that holds 30 people for yoga and 40 for meditation. Smaller rooms are decorated with low mahogany coffee tables, beanbag chairs, sea grass rugs, and large, brightly colored cushions. Zen Village has a spa, a juice bar, a holistic health care center, and a gift shop with incense, candles, books, and CDs. An outdoor terrace is available for cocktail receptions for 150. Master Tsai will also travel to offices to provide stress-relief lessons for employees. —Vanessa Goyanes
Posted 04.14.05