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2011 Forecasting Survey: A Peek at the Event Industry Job Market


Almost two-thirds of event professionals plan to stay in their jobs in 2011, according to an exclusive BizBash reader survey. While 17 percent aren’t sure about their career plan in the new year, 20 percent plan to look for a new job.

Of those job seekers, 80 percent plan to stay within the event world, while 20 percent will look outside the event industry.

What kind of job market will those folks find? When asked if their event firm or department would hire additional employees in 2011, 28 percent said yes and 27 percent said no. While 31 percent said maybe, if things go well, they expect to see hiring, 15 percent said they weren’t sure yet.

Do you plan to look for a new job in 2011?
No, I plan to stay put. (63%)
Not sure. (17%)
Yes, and I’ll look primarily within the event industry. (16%)
Yes, and I’ll look primarily outside the event industry. (4%)

Do you expect your event firm/department to hire additional employees in 2011?

Maybe, if things go well. (31%)
Yes, definitely. (28%)
No, definitely not. (27%)
Not sure. (15%)

BizBash conducted the survey online from December 15 to 20, with 567 readers responding.

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