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Blueprint Studios’ Reimagined Spring Showcase Spotlights Trends & Innovations for 2019 and Beyond


Spring is the perennial time of renewal, revitalization and reawakening of all the senses, including that most elusive, ephemeral impulse – creativity. Blueprint Studios seized the season to spotlight new styles, product launches and innovations in a visionary setting: its artfully remastered showroom at the company headquarters in South San Francisco. Drawing from the collective ingenuity of Blueprint Studios’ talented team of designers, craftspeople and event strategists, the Annual Spring Showcase put trendsetting design on center stage; wowing more than 300 clients, vendor partners and industry insiders with an experiential event that set the standard for 2019 and beyond.

Principal Owners Paul Moss and Mircea Manea, stated that the mission of the Annual Spring Showcase was to “create a sense of excitement, newness, freshness – allowing clients to take product and make it their own, but at the same time be inspired by the settings that were showcased.”

“If it isn’t remarkable, it’s invisible,” is the company credo. Nowhere was this more evident than in the reinvented showroom, where neutral spaces were transformed into mood-setting environments painted with bold strokes of imagination. These lofty ideals reached new heights in one of the more whimsical installations, a display of chic seating options suspended from the ceiling, drawing the eye upwards and encouraging attendees to aim high when selecting their dream décor. An illuminating array of chandelier silhouettes served as an elegant tableau, contrasting the modern lines of the sleek velvet furniture with delicate curves.

A more organic vignette warmed up the space with pieces from their new Sierra Collection. The rustic lux look was accented by a reclaimed wood console mounted with repurposed bike wheels reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp’s ready-art, putting a whole new spin on the upcycle trend.

Another inviting space was carved out with a sleek black wall exhibiting plushily patterned, look-finishing throw-pillows. The buzz-worthy hub featured honeycomb shelving housing some of Blueprint’s most iconic new furniture in translucent gem-tones.

Throughout the event, idea-provoking aesthetics were paired with elements that appealed to all of the senses through collaborations with catering, lighting and sound. Catering by Culinary Eye invited guests to play with their food, by painting it with vibrant edible hues that thrilled the eye and palate. Got Light’s immersive lighting and specialty projection mapping set the tone and gave the showcase a fresh glow and creative beats by Denon & Doyle Entertainment kept guests grooving throughout the evening. By sharing the spotlight with loyal partners, Blueprint Studios illustrated its synergistic spirit and continues its core philosophy of lifting the industry as a whole and giving back. As Paul Moss mused, “In the events show them gratitude is to inspire.” 

Creating inspired social, corporate and wedding environments has put Blueprint Studios on the map — from the greater San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas to Los Angeles and beyond. Blueprint’s uniquely comprehensive approach transcends typical event planning by providing in-house event design and luxury rentals, creative direction, brand development, printing, floral and custom fabrication and cutting-edge technology.

 A celebration of Blueprint’s 20-year evolution as an industry leader, the Spring Showcase was a dazzling display of the creative impact of the company continues to have as a design and tech trailblazer and innovative events influencer. The same spirit of innovation is mirrored in Blueprint Studios’ Southern California and newly opened Las Vegas showrooms.