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Innovation & Sustainability Await You in Greater Phoenix

Tap into the spirit of this Sonoran Desert city for your next meeting.

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In Greater Phoenix, innovation is our way of life. Since ancient times, the Sonoran Desert has evoked inspiration, adaptation and collaboration. This spirit is an indelible part of our identity, and it inspires our approach to agriculture, technology, sustainability, hospitality, education, business and so many other aspects that continue to shape our future.

The result? Business is booming in the nation’s fifth-largest city. Technology and software companies are putting down roots at a rapid pace. Leading minds in energy, medicine, transportation and other industries see Phoenix as a landscape for turning cutting-edge ideas into tools and products that the world benefits from. 

One advantage of meeting in a destination that’s known for defying the odds and rising above expectations and perceptions: Our city's thought leaders, innovators, trailblazers and industry powerhouses invite you to capture this essence and incorporate it into your next event program

Experience the Innovation: Unique Venues

When we say our hotels, resorts and venues are state of the art, those are not just words. You’ll see for yourself integrated adaptations to ensure better ways of meeting, from environmentally friendly measures to steps that open the door to all people. 

Big ideas require the proper setting to think out challenges and solutions. And Greater Phoenix is proving itself as the right place at the right time for tech-based companies creating new fleets of cars, better energy sources and generations of software upgrades. 

Not only are meeting planners invited to tap into Greater Phoenix's intangibles—our energy and our spirit—but also our many tangible resources, such as smart venues and local intellectual capital.

Thinking Ahead: Sustainability

At the heart of the tech revolution is a desire to learn more efficient methods for accomplishing our goals. In the same vein of companies encouraging employees to work smarter, not harder, it is incumbent on organizations to lead by example.

Yes, sustainability encompasses our efforts to reduce our carbon footprints, but its meaning extends to a whole new way of thinking about resources and how we use them to do business. Meetings and events are meant to spark new ideas and inspire better practices to ensure long-lasting success.

Experience the Evolution

The meetings landscape is always changing. Because Greater Phoenix remains at the forefront of scientific and technological development, planners can dream big here—and expect results.

As you prioritize innovation with your gatherings to make the most of in-person interactions, we invite you to explore why this is the right destination for moving your organization forward. It’s in our DNA and will soon be in yours—once you’ve held your next meeting or event in Greater Phoenix.

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