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Virtual Tables Launches DigiSign to Redefine an Age-Old Tradition: Autographs

With the world becoming increasingly digital at such a rapid pace, a variety of industries have had to pivot their usual strategies. One of the most—if not the most—impacted is the event industry.

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The in-person component of events is easily what makes them so compelling. Guests and attendees feed off each other’s energies and there is electricity to a packed out stadium or theater. For obvious reasons, this had to come to a halt in 2020 and has forced planners and organizers to pursue solutions that ensure events remain intimate and revenue streams continue without interruption.

With in-person events on hold for such an extensive period of time, virtual events have started to become the norm. In the same breath though, so has Zoom fatigue. What was enjoyable at the start of the pandemic has started to feel like a chore due to the lack of human interaction. The events industry was begging for something more dynamic and engaging, which is where the idea for Virtual Tables was born. What started as an industry solution for remote life has quickly staked its claim as a crucial core element to executing a complete event by supplying pre-packaged offerings to engage guests and help clients reach larger audiences. 

But events by themselves aren’t the only thing that have had to be reimagined. One of the most exciting elements to an event is the possibility of getting an autograph. The tradition of fans waiting hours for a signature from their favorite athlete, writer, musician, actor, dancer, etc. has remained unchanged for generations. In fact, some might argue that autographs are one of the most consistent traditions in the entertainment industry – until the pandemic hit and limited opportunities.

For the first time in decades, the autograph tradition is being challenged and in some ways, exposed. Virtual Tables, among many others, have come to a realization that just because something is in-person, doesn’t mean it’s personal. This realization inspired Virtual Tables to launch its most recent event solution: DigiSign. Virtual events need to be incredibly engaging in order for them to stay relevant and ahead of the trends, which is exactly what DigiSign aims to do. 

DigiSign is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution that is built with five value propositions in mind: reach more fans, create more revenue generating opportunities, provide new digital partnership assets, establish greater scalability of resources, and deliver approachable technology for all users. This combined focus has transformed the routine celebrity autograph moment from an anonymous, head-down, rapid and impersonal exchange, into a dynamic, virtual experience leaving fans with a timeless, one-of-a-kind, and authenticated digital signature during a highly exclusive interaction with their favorite talent. 

As we continue to navigate this ever-changing, virtual world, it’s more important than ever to evolve in tandem with the virtual solutions industry across a multitude of verticals. The launch of DigiSign is a great example of a digital and virtual solution for celebrity engagement that not only replaces an antiquated approach, but comes with its own unique set of benefits for fans and talent alike.