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Summer Sponsorships: Unleashing the Power of Outdoor Activations

From captivating challenges to thrilling sports simulators, bring your brand to life with outdoor activations that harness the energy of summer.

Giant Human Claw Machine | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group
Giant Human Claw Machine | Experience by Interactive Entertainment Group

As the warmth of summer begins to fill the air, businesses and brands are presented with a golden opportunity to connect with their audience through vibrant, engaging outdoor activations. Summer, with its long days and enthusiastic crowds, is the prime time for leveraging sponsorship opportunities. Here, we explore why summertime is the best season for sponsorship activations, and how they can amplify your brand’s presence.

Understanding Sponsorship Activations

At its core, a sponsorship activation is a type of brand activation that involves a company partnering with another organization to appear at their event. This marketing strategy focuses on creating interactive, engaging experiences to promote a brand or product. These activations go beyond mere logo placement; they immerse potential customers in a branded experience that enhances connection and recall, effectively elevating the impact of traditional marketing efforts.

The Benefits of Summer Sponsorship Activations

Optimal Engagement: Summer brings people outdoors, offering brands an increased audience size ready to engage. Festivals, fairs, and sports events provide the perfect backdrop for impactful activations.

Vivid Memories: Warm weather events tend to be memorable, making them ideal for creating lasting brand impressions through fun and interactive sponsorships.

Enhanced Interaction: Outdoor settings offer expansive spaces ideal for large-scale activations that might be impractical indoors, allowing for more dynamic and engaging setups.

Keep reading for a showcase of innovative experiences that perfectly illustrate how you can harness the power of sponsorship activations this summer.

Multiball LED

Multiball LED | Experience by Interactive Entertainment GroupMultiball LED | Experience by Interactive Entertainment GroupThis interactive, digital wall is great from day to night, lighting up as participants hit the wall with sports balls. It’s a visually stunning piece that can be customized with logos or brand-themed graphics.

Speed Pitch

Speed Pitch | Experience by Interactive Entertainment GroupSpeed Pitch | Experience by Interactive Entertainment GroupAlign your brand with baseball season by measuring how fast participants can throw a baseball, a great addition to any sporting event, brand activation, or community gathering.

Batak Pro Challenge

This is a test of reflexes and agility, perfect for sports or health-themed events, enhancing the competitive spirit of the summer. Customize the backdrop of the game to reflect your brand messaging.

Giant Human Claw Machine

Imagine the thrill as attendees dive into a giant custom pit filled to the brim with branded prizes. Perfect for brands looking for that viral wow-factor.

Sit Down Soccer

This game brings the global appeal of soccer to your event, offering a seated version that’s inclusive and fun, and perfect for any outdoor sponsorship.

Custom Corn Hole

A classic tailgate game that’s perfect for any outdoor event. Fully customizable, this game can reflect your brand’s theme or message. 

Each of these activations by Interactive Entertainment Group can be tailored to reflect your brand, ensuring that your presence is felt, enjoyed, and remembered, making the sunny season a perfect canvas for your marketing endeavors. Embrace the power of outdoor sponsorship activations this summer to connect, engage, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.