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Klick Ideas Exchange 2022 Celebrated the Intersection of Art, Design, and Tech

Innovation was ever-present at the Klick Ideas Exchange thanks to botanical designs, tech-forward topics during panel discussions, and an artsy after-party that featured an empowering short film.

Inside Klick Ideas Exchange 2022
The sleek, industrial vibe of the bar and surrounding tables was juxtaposed by the addition of botanical elements.
Photo: Courtesy of Klick Health

NEW YORK—The 2022 Klick Ideas Exchange (IDX) brought art, design, and technology together for an unforgettable conference experience with a design that personified the intersection of the three industries through a juxtaposition of organic materials and lush greenery with the sleek industrial modernism of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

IDX—which was created and produced by Klick's internal brand experience team—took place on Sept. 22, bringing together more than 800 life sciences executives at Brooklyn’s Duggal Greenhouse. Here, professionals discussed ideas shaping the future of health in an eye-catching setting helmed by David Stark Design and Production. The firm transformed the 35,000-square-foot venue—which boasts 70-foot ceilings and was chosen for its roominess—into a modern oasis.

After checking in, artistry was woven throughout the event's design. Take the bar, for example, where guests sampled designer cocktails and truffle popcorn courtesy of Creative Edge. The bar itself was on-theme with its sleek white construction, complete with trees seemingly growing out of it. And surrounding the area were tables adorned with lush greenery and colorful floral arrangements. Plus, a 30-foot video screen showcasing imagery of DNA strands made out of vines, leaves, and flowers served as a backdrop to the whole event.Inside Klick Ideas Exchange 2022During the conference, speakers discussed a diverse array of health-focused topics, plus innovative work being done across the industry.Photo: Courtesy of Klick Health

Inside Klick Ideas Exchange 2022The Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard served as a blank canvas for David Stark Design and Production to outfit the space in a way that seamlessly combined art, science, and technology.Photo: Courtesy of Klick HealthAs for technology, speakers at the conference discussed a diverse array of health-focused topics, as well as the work being done across the industry. It should come as no surprise that COVID-19 also dominated much of the conversation, including reflections on how the medical community handled COVID-19 and lessons learned from the pandemic. The headlining discussion was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a conversation between Klick Group co-founder Leerom Segal and President Barack Obama.Inside Klick Ideas Exchange 2022"You cannot have excellence without equity, and no equity without accountability," Dr. Aletha Maybank (right), the American Medical Association's chief health equity officer and senior vice president, said during her conversation with Klick Health CEO Lori Grant (left).Photo: Courtesy of Klick Health

But before welcoming President Obama to the stage, guests witnessed a performance of “Lean on Me” by the Northwell Health Nurse Choir—a group of front-line nurses known for their appearance on America’s Got Talent.

During his discussion with Segal, President Obama reflected on the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of battling misinformation, and his personal leadership strategy as it pertains to hiring and surrounding himself with people smarter than himself. “I was always a believer in having diversity on my team,” the former president said. “And I don’t simply mean racial or gender diversity—I mean just having people with lots of different points of view.”

Another highlight? An insightful conversation between Klick Health’s CEO Lori Grant and the American Medical Association's chief health equity officer and senior vice president Dr. Aletha Maybank on the topic of health equity, which was chock full of takeaways that transcended industries. "You cannot have excellence without equity, and no equity without accountability,” Dr. Maybank said.

Later on in IDX's programming, financier and healthcare philanthropist Michael Milken pointed to earlier periods in American history when vaccinations weren’t so politically polarizing. An interesting point Milken brought up: In 1956, Elvis Presley received his polio vaccine on The Ed Sullivan Show in an attempt to convince young people to get vaccinated themselves, and explained how the Milken Institute tried to find a “current-day Elvis” for a similar campaign during the COVID-19 outbreak.Inside Klick Ideas Exchange 2022Guests were treated to gourmet fare courtesy of Creative Edge. Options included sushi, dumplings, fajitas, chicken and waffles, and mini Big Macs.Photo: Courtesy of Klick Health

Next, co-founder, president, and chief scientific officer of biotechnology company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals George Yancopoulos explained to the audience that it took nine months to develop the antibody medicine that “probably saved the life of the [then] President of the United States,” referring to the experimental antibody treatment President Donald Trump received after being hospitalized for a case of COVID.

Inside Klick Ideas Exchange 2022Before introducing President Barack Obama for a panel discussion, the Northwell Health Nurse Choir performed to highlight and honor the healthcare providers who worked through the COVID-19 pandemic.Photo: Courtesy of Klick HealthAdditionally, Rick Bright, the former director of Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, discussed his thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic was handled and what governments and public health experts can do to evolve in order to address the next global health crisis. “From the outset of this pandemic, we didn’t have a lot of truth, honestly,” he said. “So we need to make sure we’re not only getting the truth out, but make sure we’re translating the truth to something people can understand.”

Following the conference, Duggal Greenhouse was transformed into a nightclub environment, dubbed Klick MUSE, and encouraged the professionals in attendance to let their hair down for a private concert featuring Grammy award-winning musician and producer Tiësto. At the after-hours affair, guests were treated to gourmet fare, including sushi, dumplings, fajitas, chicken and waffles, and mini Big Macs, also provided by Creative Edge.

And in a final ode to art, Klick MUSE featured a viewing of THIRST, a short film by PodHER, with the goal of empowering women to speak about sexual pleasure by using aquatic imagery to “outsmart” social media algorithms that may otherwise censor the film. The end of the film led to a Change.org petition calling for social media platforms to change their practices censoring content regarding women’s health.

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