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ENTERTAINMENT: Extreme Circus Acts

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The winter blahs call for stimulating entertainment. Consider waking your party guests from the mind-numbing cold--and so many somber events--with entertainment from Rock-L Productions' Circus X-Treme. Something of a circus sideshow (without the bearded lady), Circus X-Treme offers acts such as Combustible Kiva (she grinds power tools against a metal corset to create a fiery shower of sparks, shown here), dance music recording artist Myndy K, pyrotechnic artists Flambeaux & Lilah, stiltdancer and fire juggler Colt, and contortionist Ula the Painproof Rubber Girl. These artists, who often perform at clubs, can also perform fire-eating, snake charming and glass-walking acts for special events. --Suzanne Ito
Posted 01.28.02
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