Nominations are now open for the 12th Annual EEAs!
It's time to make your mark. Nominations are now open for the 12th Annual Event Experience Awards!

A Production Company's Gravity-Defying Optical Illusion

Los Angeles-based TLC Creative's awe-inspiring installation can be rigged for events.

Photo: Courtesy of Defy Gravity

The event production team at Los Angeles-based TLC Creative created an awe-inspiring, large-scale optical illusion called Defy Gravity using a high-quality Mylar material as a giant mirror. People appear to hang or float in midair, but the material, which is stretched across an angled platform, is actually reflecting the setup of a house with guests on the ground. Full-scale installation, which is available worldwide, costs from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the size of the structure and rigging. 

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