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The New Rules for Mailed Invitations

As New Yorkers remain fearful of opening their mail, the best methods for mailing invitations have changed, according to a story in The New York Times. People have already speculated about the death of goofy invitations that arrive with extra pieces in their envelopes. But event planners are questioning all mailed invitations now, although some believe that can't forgo traditional mail. "It would be really hard for us to go virtual," said PR and event consultant Tony Manning told the paper. (His events include the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's fund-raiser at the Waldorf=Astoria.) "An invitation sets the mood of a party. It's an important element. Imagine the difference between getting a beautiful wedding invitation versus some attachment that invites you to drinks at 7."

One suggestion: Pay attention to an invitation's outside appearance. "It used to be a successful marketing strategy to send out handwritten envelopes that were hand-stamped," said Daniel Cantelmo, president of Media Distribution Services, a PR printing, mailing, fax and e-mail service. "Now we advise clients to send machine-stamped letters where the name and address have been imprinted."

Posted 11.14.01

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