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Liz Smith Gets Mad About the Mail

It seems like it's not getting any easier for marketers to figure out what feels appropriate now and what doesn't. Take New York Post gossip Liz Smith recent diatribe about a promotional mailing: "In my years covering entertainment I have experienced a lot of fabulous promotions. But the most memorable are the most irritating--singing clowns and gorillas appearing at the front door, confetti spilling out of envelopes all over the office...But this week the people who made Minority Report have topped everybody," Smith writes. "They've sent out a metal disc that weighs 2 1/2 pounds. It unscrews and contains two CD's marked Minority Report. One is marked 'Featurette.' The other is--what, the soundtrack? This thing must have cost a fortune. It could have fed 20 kids for Save the Children USA or taught a person to read at Literacy Partners. It is useless and un-biodegradable...Talk about conspicuous consumption over nothing."

Looks like the intended marketing message didn't get through. So even though people have calmed down since the anthrax scares, coming up with creative invitations and mailings can still be sticky, and a promo's message can get lost in glitzy design.

Posted 06.14.02

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