ABC Halts Star Jones's Freebie Hoarding

Yet another case of the idea that the more money you have, the more you expect things for free: According to The New York Post, The View cohost and Payless Shoe Source spokeswoman Star Jones has angered her bosses at ABC with all of the shameless plugging she's been doing on the morning talk show to promote the vendors who are ponying up freebies for her impending wedding. Jones has made deals for free invitations, dresses, flowers, makeup, and hairdressing in exchange for free publicity.

One of the companies that Jones promised to plug on The View in exchange for providing the goodie bags for the bridal party was informed by ABC daytime director Randall Barone that they will not receive any promotional mention on the show. Despite Jones' promise to make it up to them in the form of a plug on a different show, the company pulled out of its involvement in the wedding.

Posted 10.13.04
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