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Check Out Our New Site! (Also: Sorry for the Delay!)

As you can probably tell (if you've ever seen this site before), we have a new look today. We've been working for months to update the site's design and functionality, and we're finally ready to share it with you. Sometimes a Web site redesign can make you feel like somebody moved all your furniture while you were sleeping, but we think (and hope) that if you poke around, you'll find new features and improvements that make the adjustment period worth it.

We now have sections of the site devoted to the various topics we cover (check out that light blue bar up there). Within the editorial sections, you'll find our most recent stories on those topics, plus a sidebar of other interesting posts. Our story pages have larger photos, and we now put tags at the end of each post to help you read more about subjects that interest you. We still have our extensive directory, but it's now split into two parts: one for venues, the other for suppliers. You can search them either from the tabs on the light blue bar up top or from the gray box on the right side of the page.

Now, an apology: We went a few weeks without publishing anything to our live site while we were finalizing the new site. We'll be honest: The project hit a few snags along the way—as these things do—and we're sorry for leaving you without your fix of event industry news and inspiration. But don't think we were totally abandoning our mission. Our editors, reporters, and photographers were still going out to events, and you'll find lots of stories from recent weeks here.

What's more, today also marks the launch of our Washington site. So after you've seen what's new in your own market, click over to read about the latest doings in the capital.

One more thing: We'd love to hear what you think of the redesign. Send feedback to [email protected]. And if you find any bugs on the site (sorry!), feel free to send those, too, to [email protected]. Please include the browser (Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) you're using.

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