10 Planners Describe Their Dream Event Planning Apps


1. “A tool that could measure out an event space. No more bulky measuring wheels or tape measures.”
—Shannon Waters Vogt, sales and design manager, Showorks Inc., Oldsmar, Florida

2. “Apps that were able to tell me when: 1) Security stepped away form their assigned post, 2) a buffet needed replenishing, and 3) the music exceed a prescribed noise ordinance level so I could intervene before neighbors called the police.”
—Jason Wanderer, president, Precision Event Group, Los Angeles

3. “An app to show what flowers are in season depending on where you are, with floral contacts, markets, and photos to browse.”
—Shai Tertner, president, Shiraz Events, New York and Miami

4. “I would love an app that gave the loading dock addresses and hours for all of the venues in the city that we produce in. Proper load-in protocol would be great too.”
—Jes Gordon, owner, Jes Gordon/Proper Fun, New York and Los Angeles

5. “A Pantone app—think Shazam for colors: You scan/take a pic of anything (a snippet of wallpaper, a favorite cocktail dress), and the app will tell you which PMS colors it is comprised of. It would be fabulous for coordinating the linen wardrobe, lighting scheme, floral decor—just about anything for an event, using whatever you want as inspiration on the spot!”
—Marina Alexandra Birch, owner, Birch Design Studio, Chicago

6. “An app that can read the minds of brand managers during the RFP process, reveal marketing budgets for desired brands, provide a SWOT analysis for desired brands, critique pitch decks before it goes to a client, uncover key insights when you enter a business specific challenge for brands, and provide demographic and psychological trends when you a describe a particular target.”
—Tony Cornelious, account director, Jack Morton Worldwide, New York

7. “Voice recognition to DMX control protocol, so I can walk around the room and tell the lights what to do at any given moment.”
—Bentley Meeker, owner, Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging Inc., New York

8. “We work in most major cities around the world, and are always scrambling at the last minute to find local entities to take recycled goods, food for the needy, re-sellers, etc. I would like a mobile app that would give me local resources in cities that will  pick up items after an event to recycle, re-purpose, re-sell, or donate to local charity. The app could search by city, product category, etc.”
—Mark Yumkas, president, Angel City Designs, Los Angeles

9. “My dream app would be a ‘Sponsor/Donor Application.’ The user would type in their geographic location and organization name, and key words associated with the specific organization. (For example, I would type in key words like hunger, food distribution, nutrition, food drives, obesity etc.) Then this application would pull all the companies locally and nationally that support or donate to food-related issues. It would also display updated contact information for the company and person who specifically handles sponsorships or donations for each organization. It would target groups that believe in your cause and help eliminate unnecessary solicitation to companies that may not support hunger related issues.”
—Jana Robinson, special events manager, Capital Area Food Bank, Washington

10. “A pop-up store locator, a Magic 8 ball for budget-specific questions, and something that turns your clients’ Blackberrys to airplane mode while [you’re] pitching.”
—Sarah Shulman, head of production, Jack Morton Worldwide, New York

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