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VENUE: Fab Sushi at Haru

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Rocky Aoki can't be stopped: The Benihana empire founder just opened his fourth Haru sushi restaurant in Manhattan, and a fifth branch, called Haru Too, is on the way. Designed by architect Chris Smith (he did Nobu while working for David Rockwell's company), the restaurant features giant photographs of bamboo leaves in the floor. When sun comes through the white paper screens over the windows, it gives the effect of being in a bamboo forest in the spring (Haru means springtime). An army of sushi chefs work behind a 50-foot long cocktail and sushi bar, where tanks of robotic fish are suspended above. Haru can seat 180 for dinner or 250 for cocktails, and one side of the space features sliding panels that can section off half of the restaurant for events.
--Suzanne Ito
Posted 08.13.01