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Event Innovators 2015: Brian Loucks

A talent agent for Creative Artists Agency facilitates creative partnerships through his Living Room Series of music events.

Brian Loucks
Brian Loucks
Photo: Courtesy of Creative Artists Agency

As an agent at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, Brian Loucks is an unlikely event planner. However, about 10 years ago he identified events as a way to boost business and facilitate relationships in Hollywood—so he became one.

He launched the Living Room Series, which connects musical artists and executives from the entertainment industry, including producers and directors, for concerts in Loucks’s own living room in Studio City.

He came up with the idea as a way to expose industry people to music they might not otherwise know and to facilitate creative partnerships. For newer artists, it can mean big exposure, and for well-known musicians, the value is in reintroducing themselves to a larger audience. John Legend, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Annie Lennox are among those who have participated.

The events started out as casual, with unfussy food for a small group. Now, they’re fully produced events for hundreds and even have big-name sponsors like General Motors, Microsoft, and Best Buy.

In just one example cited by Adweek, the filmmaker John Lee Hancock selected Tim McGraw to co-star in The Blind Side after seeing him perform at one such event.

Next, Loucks plans to grow the program to San Francisco.

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