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DECOR: Dance Floor Gets Guests on Their Feet

E3575adcock People On Floor
Imagine guests at your next event stepping onto a dance floor and with every step they take, the floor turns colors, or they leave footprints, or a row of different color lights appear and disappear in succession. Or perhaps you're throwing a video game-themed event and as guests step onto the dance floor they're in the middle of a game of human space invaders. Sound far out? It is, but it is possible. The Lightspace Interactive Dance Floor, only available from Orlando-based PTE Group, enables you to do just about anything you can dream of. From words and funny sayings to a live remake of Saturday Night Fever, the staff will work to create whatever you desire if it doesn't already exist. If you're looking for one great "Wow," this may just be it. —Shari Lynn Rothstein

Posted 03.18.04
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