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INSPIRATION: Prada's New L.A. Store

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The Beverly Hills Prada store moved only a block down Rodeo Drive, but the new location’s high-tech, high-design concept is generating tons of buzz. The space joins Prada’s SoHo and Tokyo stores as the brand’s so-called Epicenters, unique architectural spectacles that showcase its merchandise. Dutch architects Ole Scheeren and Rem Koolhaas helped put the finishing touches on the space. A 45-foot-wide aluminum panel makes a dramatic facade, and Prada-clad disembodied mannequin legs dot the staircase at the entrance. On the first floor, an aluminum tunnel with a black-and-white-checkered floor burrows under the stairs. On the second floor, a green, porous material lines the walls, and video screens are suspended from racks alongside clothing on hangers. Men’s wear is located on the third floor, where merchandise is displayed on conveyor belts like the ones at airport security checkpoints. —Alesandra Dubin
Posted 08.18.04
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