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Republic’s Secluded Lounge

The second floor of West Hollywood’s Republic became an intimate, secluded lounge called M Lounge in December. Designer Margaret “Peg” O’Brien used alligator skin-textured paper and glass-beaded finishes on the walls, with plush low-slung couches, fire pits, and granite-topped tables throughout. An open-air room turns into a smoking lounge. Bottle service is available when it’s open to the public on Friday and Saturday nights—and by public we mean young, monied Hollywood types drawn here by some of the city’s top promoters. To make it extra comfortable for them, the lounge has a private back-door exit so they can escape that pesky paparazzi business. The entire lounge holds 250 for receptions. —Lesley Balla
Posted 03.02.07
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