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GIFT: Memory Collages in 3-D

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For the man or woman who has everything, here's a gift that you can be sure no one else will give: a completely personalized three-dimensional retrospective collage from One of a Kind Art Studio. The studio's researcher works closely with the client to gather materials for the collage--newspaper clippings, old photos or memorabilia--and puts them together to tell the story of the subject's rise to success. They're an ideal gift for an event's guest of honor, like a retiring CEO or company founder. For a collage given to the founder of USA Today, One of a Kind included a replica of the 1926 Royal typewriter that he first used at the beginning of his journalism career. The company's owner and founding artist Lawrence Romorini requires six months for each project, and the starting price for a piece is $10,000.
--Suzanne Ito
Posted 06.25.01
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