Video: Event Innovators 2011: How Will Events Change in Five Years?

E20606sa Video 1

For our first Innovation Issue, we highlighted the most innovative people in the event industry, the creative professionals at the forefront of how this business is changing. Taking advantage of their considerable industry knowledge, we asked some of the 68 people in the issue, “How do you think events will change in the next five years?”

The innovators in this video:
Marc Hall, principal, Marc Hall Design, Boston
David Michael Rich, senior vice president of strategy and planning/worldwide, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, Boston
Sean Canon, C.E.O., Event Creative, Chicago
Michelle Mahoney, director of worklife, Leo Burnett, Chicago
Eric Michael, owner and creative director, Occasions Caterers, Washington
Philip Dufour, principal, Dufour & Company Productions, Washington
Jayne Sandman, director, BrandLinkDC, Washington
Larry Abel, partner, Abel McCallister Designs L.L.C., Los Angeles and New York
Carleen Cappelletti, president, Bounce-AEG, Los Angeles
Cara Kleinhaut, owner, Caravents Inc. Event Production & Design, Los Angeles and New York
Youngsong Martin, founder and chief designer, Wildflower Linen, Los Angeles
Javier Velarde, president and executive producer, Triton Productions, Miami
Robert Wennett, president, UIA Management, Miami
Alain Perez, president, EventStar Structures Corporation, Miami
Brian Aaron, president, Aaron’s Catering, Miami
Arthur Backal, C.E.O., Backal Hospitality Group, New York
Jennifer Blumin, president, Skylight Group, New York
Liz Neumark, C.E.O. and founder, Great Performances, New York
Ira Levy, president, Levy Lighting, New York
Tom Webster, partner and creative director, Mother New York, New York
Lara McCullouch-Carter, chief brand storyteller, Ready2Spark, Toronto

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