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Setting the Record Straight on Temperature Screening and Its Utility to Live Events

Temperature screening has become an essential way to help keep people safe at live events—but using the wrong technology could be putting guests at risk.

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As live events begin to resume slowly around the country, making sure attendees are gathering safely is front of mind. This means ensuring guests are not showing signs of illness through temperature screening. Elevated Body Temperature (Fever) is a common symptom of COVID 19 as well as other infectious diseases. The presence of a fever indicates that a person is experiencing an underlying medical problem that can be addressed before they enter a mass gathering space through the proper screening processes. But with all the new tools that have become available since the start of the pandemic, many of which are technologically incapable of measuring the temperature variations of the human body, knowing where to start can seem overwhelming. That’s why PREVENT, which was founded to help facilitate the return of live events, is opening up access to its best-in-class elevated body temperature screening technology.

But why choose PREVENT?

It’s the Real Deal

When COVID-19 hit the United States, the FDA temporarily suspended the premarket approval process for medical electrical devices known as FDA 510(k), which opened the floodgates for hundreds of companies to release products advertised as "temperature screening" devices.

Marketed with buzzy phrases like “AI fever detection,” “facial recognition,” or “mask detection,” the new tech seemed to offer a quick and affordable solution for essential workplaces, and of course—to help kickstart live events again. But while many claimed to produce accurate temperature measurements, their use of industrial-grade sensors and detectors does not offer the medical-grade technology that’s vital to accurately detect elevated body temperature, which can vary tenths of a degree C, not the 10s or even 100s of degrees of variation industrial-grade sensors are designed to measure for something like a steam turbine or diesel engine. Using the wrong technology and procedures to screen attendees' temperatures can create a false sense of safety and potentially endanger people on site.

Unlike most companies whose products were developed in response to COVID, the technology used by PREVENT has been in development since 1995. The company’s integrated partnership with Infrared Cameras Inc. allows it to utilize the industry-leading medical grade system that is designed to meet FDA guidelines and ISO standards. The PREVENT system is accurate to .1-degree C and can measure body temperature from a safe distance of 6 to 15 feet at a rate of one person per second.

It’s FDA Compliant

Although many of the companies using industrial-grade sensors were purchased as quick and affordable solutions, the FDA issued an alert on March 4, 2021, in response to the widespread use of this technology and warned the public about the improper use of thermal imaging. PREVENT’s technology, on the other hand, has longevity—it was deployed globally in response to SARS in 2002 and has held FDA Clearance on both its medical-grade hardware and software since 2007, the only of its kind. These are major reasons why it is currently utilized by Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and Ford Motor Co., U.S Government organizations including the Department of Homeland Security, and hospitals such as Texas Children’s Hospital and Kaiser Permanente.

The Safe Solution

PREVENT can be hired to provide a turnkey, plug-and-play solution to event producers, production techs, event medical teams, and COVID Compliance teams, or it can provide screening personnel to operate advanced temperature screening checkpoints.

The right technology can protect the health and safety of patrons, talent, vendors, and crew. It can instill comfort, confidence and peace of mind. It can assist in liability and reputation damage protection and cut labor costs associated with facilitating and maintaining safe events, it can even create a new revenue stream by creating new sponsorship asset opportunities.

When live events resume full blast, preventing the spread of illness and keeping everyone safe and comfortable in their environment will be of utmost importance—and PREVENT provides the technology to do that now and into the future.

Learn more at https://www.prevent-system.com/.