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Podcast: A Masterclass in Producing Sophisticated Virtual Events That Your Audience Will Never Forget

Brandlive CEO Sam Kolbert-Hyle shares how his company has helped major corporations—and even the Biden campaign—add the right polish to their live and virtual presentations.

2021 Gather Geeks Sam Kolbert Hyle 1

Host: David Adler
Guest: Sam Kolbert-Hyle

In this special sponsored episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler sits down with Sam Kolbert-Hyle, the president and CEO of Brandlive, who shares how his company has helped major corporations add the right polish to their live and virtual presentations. He explains how his team has developed the sense of a high-end television studio in a very accessible Greenroom product, and also shares a wide variety of tech and engagement tips for virtual events—including why you should over-prepare for big production moments, why you should never start your event on time, what the most important part of a virtual event is, how he stays calm during high-stress moments and more. An added bonus? Listen for some fun, behind-the-scenes insights from Brandlive’s work on the Biden campaign in 2020. 

Running time: 51:29