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How to Put On A Hosted Buyer Event Attendees Will Love

Grip shares how to connect buyers and suppliers effectively at your next event

MIP Cancun
MIP Cancun
Courtesy of Grip

Hosted by RX France, MIP Cancun brings international content distributors and TV content buyers from the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets through an exclusive VIP concierge service.

MIP Cancun has built a reputation for being a fun and effective way for TV professionals in the Latin American markets to come together, make new connections and strengthen existing relationships. As a VIP concierge service, MIP Cancun specializes in getting the right people together for a blend of keynote speakers, event panels and face-to-face meetings.

To mark its first in-person event after nearly two years, RX France knew there were high expectations for MIP Cancun 2021 to be the blockbuster event of the year. However, with nearly 500 people on-site, bringing the right people together couldn't be left to chance. To keep churn from the event low and convert first-time attendees into loyal customers, it was essential that people could network effectively and make the most of their time at the event

"Our industry is about relationships. A 15-minute face-to-face session with someone is better than a two-hour meeting through Zoom," said Marcelo Tamburri of WarnerMedia Latin America.

People loved the event, which featured industry heavyweights from Gaumont U.S. (producers of hit Netflix series Narcos), Banijay, Telemundo and many others. Grip's hosted-buyer solution made it easy for attendees to complete their profile, manage their personal agenda and connect with these industry experts—all in one easy-to-use platform. As a result, attendees were able to have more meaningful meetings, leading to the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) in MIP Cancun's history.

Download the case study and find out how the event organizers used AI matchmaking to schedule 2,418 meetings—all before the event had even started.

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