Felice Keller Makes Music to Match Corporate Messages

Felice Keller
Felice Keller
Photo: Kevyn Major Howard

As an extra-personal touch to honor a special guest or promote a corporate mission, songwriter Felice Keller can customize a song to match a message or honoree. Keller, whose new company, Felice Keller Productions, is comprised of Oscar- and other award-winning music writers, can incorporate any story into music. After Keller's team writes an original song, it can be recorded or performed live at an event. With a generous budget, Keller can work with artists such as Neil Diamond, Jessica Simpson, Clay Aiken, and Donna Summer to perform the piece. Packages start around $5,000 and typically range from $10,000 to more than $100,000, depending on the songwriters and add-ons desired.

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