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Invitation Style Edict: NO HYPHENS!

Posted 04.04.01
If you care about stylish punctuation--and why wouldn't you?--drop the hyphen from phone numbers printed on your invitations. The Sunday Styles section of The New York Times reports that the tiny vertical line just isn't cool. "First, the hyphen got edged out by dots--mostly by places that wanted to convey a European feeling, like art galleries," says Jane Wagman, founder of graphic design firm Janedesign (clients include the new 60 Thompson). Underscores add a young, high-tech feel; asterisks and bullets are funky, if overdone, alternatives. Wagman's fave: "Leaving blanks keeps the phone number easy to read, but creates a spare, modern line."

If you still haven't had your fill of Oscar party news, here are some more details from Entertainment Weekly's coverage:
  • The celebs drank almost 1,000 bottles of Laurent-Perrier Brut at the Governors Ball at the Shrine Exposition Hall right after the ceremony.

  • Vanity Fair's big bash included 800 VF cover cookies made by New York's Cookie Studio.

  • The menu at Dreamworks' party for Gladiator at Dominick's in Los Angeles included pizza topped with turkey pepperoni, duck sausage and wild mushroom.

  • The preferred beverage at Elton John's In Style party was peach vodka and mango-juice martinis.

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