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Party Wars: Tina Brown vs. Float

Tina Brown seems to be capable of getting press from a party even without actually having it--or paying for it. Inside.com reports that Float nightclub is suing Talk Media for breach of contract after Brown got cold feet about hosting a $100,000 party for The Producers on the night of the Tonys. (Notably, Harvey Weinstein is both the co-head of Talk's partner Miramax and a personal investor in The Producers.) So while still enduring the scrutiny of Judy Bachrach's book about her, Brown and Talk magazine are getting more party publicity--but not the kind she likes.

According to the suit filed in New York State Supreme Court on Tuesday, Brown went to Float to finalize negotiations on May 9. Two days later, the contract was signed, with Float providing the room rental, alcohol, food, DJ, lighting, bartenders and wait staff for 650 guests, all for $104,393.75. The club requested an initial deposit to be paid by May 17 and the entire balance by May 31.

Shortly thereafter, Float alleges it turned away The Rocky Horror Picture Show looking to rent the club the same night. Then around the middle of May, Talk said the party was off without paying any money. "It's no surprise that they are called Talk, that's all they do," Float attorney Robert J. Hantman said. "We got sick of talking." Talk's PR rep didn't return Inside's emails or phone calls, and its lawyers would not comment.

(By the way, The Producers did have its own bash at Bryant Park Grill, produced by Tobak-Dantchik Events & Promotions' Cathy Dantchik and Suzanne Tobak, the subjects of our current Impresario profile. You can also read our coverage of Talk's book parties for Martin Amis and A. J. Benza.)

Posted 08.09.01

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