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When South Seas Decor Meshes with Asian Cuisine

E8241jinja Bar Bistro 3
Courtesy of Jinja Bar & Bistro
The Jinja Bar & Bistro in CityPlace pairs tropical cocktails with Asian cuisine. Founded by Tom and Lesley Allin and Doug Lanham, this third franchise restaurant, which opened on May 4, features the cooking expertise of the India-born former restaurant owner Prem Rapson, who recently ended his stint as executive chef for Lake Worth's Suite 225. Its decor is reminiscent of the vintage South Seas, and its menu uses flavors from seven Asian countries. Every morning, the restaurant prepares 25 authentic sauces from scratch, and it caters to children by serving them in a miniature wooden boat with a drink and ice cream scoop included. In total, this new venue seats more than 200 inside, but also has a 50-seat outdoor patio and a 60-seat private banquet room. Its walls are covered with old family photographs from Vietnam, Japan, and China, and Chinese banners hang from the ceiling. Also gathered are antique posters, Asian woodwork, and original paintings. The venue's lighting is relaxed, and the music is from days gone by.