See a Bright New Idea for Drink Service

For a utility company event, a Chicago catering firm used lightbulbs as glassware.

Lemonade For Snapshot
Photo: Courtesy of Entertaining Company

Electric-utility company ComEd opened a training center in Chicago with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception on February 19. Catering firm Entertaining Company provided snacks and drinks for the 600 guests—including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel—and put a thematic spin on the beverages. The firm's operations manager, Tom Sierra, wanted to add visual appeal to the weekday corporate event and found a food-safe, lightbulb-shaped vessel online. He and his team then drilled holes in the vessels for straws and filled them with a pomegranate-flavored lemonade dubbed "Electric Lemonade." The drinks were served on light-up on trays branded with the ComEd logo.

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