Interview: Antonio Trincao on How Youcanevent Created a Shift in the Event Industry With Virtual Events

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Youcanevent co-founder and CEO Antonio Trincao discusses his Forbes-approved web virtual reality company, building community among the event industry, and more.

Youcanevent is a virtual reality company and event platform based in San Francisco that boasts previous partnerships with Microsoft, TEDx, NASA, and more. 

What does Youcanevent offer to event organizers? 
Youcanevent offers a platform to organize virtual events that feel real. We've developed a technology that mixes online video streaming, web virtual reality, avatars with video-chat communication, and engagement tools that allow you to host your event virtually with unbelievable virtual environments. Our mission is to connect humans through celebration and bring people together through amazing virtual and in-real-life experiences.

View more examples of Youcanevent’s work here and here.

Building personal relationships with event professionals is an important mission for your company. How does Youcanevent foster that community?
From day one, we've been focusing on building a purpose-driven company that has community at the center of the brand's soul. We've developed philanthropic initiatives in partnership with Hard Rock Café here; we've launched a song on Spotify that sings the vision of our company; we've hosted episodes on our “Purpose by Youcanevent” podcast; and we've given back to the community by offering food waste from event experiences as you can see here. We believe that nurturing relationships with event professionals is what makes the event industry strive, and collectively, if we bring the best technology, operations, creativity, design, and ideas, we will create the best experiences globally.

Any special moments with clients that stand out over the years?
We've had several memorable event experiences with event organizers from brands like Microsoft, United Airlines, Deutsche Bank, TomTom, Pipedrive, Segment, Udemy, and many more. The one I'd like to highlight is recently two customers that were forced to pivot their events into a virtual format. The first one Neil Cramer with All Things Meetings, and Melissa McCready and Todd Wilms with Mocca. Their events are both particularly interesting because both will re-create the experience of an exhibition event, and keynote speaking stages, which will be one of the very first examples to be seen in the world of virtual events. 

In the wake of COVID-19, where do you see the industry moving? How does Youcanevent fit into that vision? 
I personally believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will particularly accelerate the "how" you create event experiences. I love real-life experiences, and I love people, but I also believe that the ability to design an event virtually, visualizing the furniture, venue, decor, etc. to host it online for virtual attendees from all over the world, and then replicating in real life will be a major shift in the way the industry operates. You will be able to have more creativity, freedom of thought, and imagination, and enhance your ideas by applying it virtually first, and then executing in real life. That's where I see Youcanevent being the platform to enhance all of these experiences both virtually and in real life. 

What's next for Youcanevent? Any projects you're working on?
Right now we are focusing on making our customers happy by providing the best virtual event experiences ever, but also opening new verticals such as retail and entertainment. We also have an initiative called Global Aid that helps governments rebuild their economies virtually, for which we are starting the first partnership with the government of Panama next month. On top of that, we have major announcements to be made (that I can't disclose yet!), but that will involve top American artists. The beauty of our technology is that it’s a hybrid and can serve any industry without a problem. The cherry on top is the waiting list pre-order sign-up for the Youcansee headsets—which will be unveiled by Q4 of 2020—is live.

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