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How to Give Your Sponsors a Seat at Every Table

Digital centerpiece technology opens your tables up to the ultimate sponsor recognition inside the ballroom.

iPad Centerpiece
iPad Centerpiece
Photo: Courtesy of NPower

When organizing events like nonprofit galas, awards dinners, or multi-day conferences, acknowledging sponsors adequately can be a challenge.

If your specialty is planning nonprofit galas, you have experienced the time and resources dedicated to printing ad journals that force you to stop selling ads weeks in advance and get placed at every dinner table. Unfortunately, these just wind up under seats, unopened, for you to pick up post-event.

If you are used to planning multiday conferences, you have experienced the challenge of hosting multiple sessions within one ballroom—that each need to look and feel different—all while recognizing a different sponsor for each portion of the event (a breakfast sponsor, general session, coffee hour sponsor, lunch sponsor, etc.).

Keep Interacting, an event technology company out of New York, has come up with a simple and easy platform to solve these challenges.

The digital centerpiece is an interactive multimedia platform that not only allows you to use the space in the center of your tables to showcase your brand, mission, or event details—but you can also recognize all the sponsors who support you. So how do they do this? The digital centerpiece gives you three opportunities to showcase multiple sponsors: the custom branded frame, sponsor ads on the digital screen, and interactive buttons.

The most sought-after opportunity is the printed border around the iPad bezel. This not only looks custom-made for the event and sponsor, but it also allows your sponsor's brand to be within 18 inches of every guest in the event space. This is a great opportunity for a high-level sponsor who is looking for something unique with maximum exposure.

Unlike the above opportunity that is fixed for the entire event, our digital screens create a bigger opportunity for even more sponsors to be recognized. The digital screens have the ability to display different types of media including video, still images, websites, and multipage PDFs. We would suggest offering your higher supporters video ads, and working your way down to still image ads catering to different sponsor budgets for maximum return on investment. This eliminates the need for printed materials that get left on the tables or go unrecognized within your swag bags given out at the beginning of the event.

The digital screen also has up to four customizable buttons within the software, offering guests the chance to learn at their own pace about key sponsors, or interact with all sponsors under one button while the rest cater to your event needs.

The digital centerpiece provides a solution to event planners across the country searching for a way to showcase sponsors that is simple, easy, and eco-friendly. With all the thought and customizable features, it's no wonder Keep Interacting has become the leader in tabletop technology.