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Give Your Meetings Management Tech a Makeover with Eventcombo

The rise of venue and facilities management tools.

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Organizing a successful meeting, whether it's an internal or external event, is no cakewalk. Traditional tools often involve using multiple manual tasks to coordinate with different stakeholders leading to extra work and miscommunication, making it hard to deliver a smooth experience. Relying on manual outreach, and fragmented coordination among different teams, widens this gap leading to a fractured meeting experience.

While this has been a daily drill for most meeting planners, with the advancement of technology, the process of planning meetings can be seamless and less painstaking.

Modern-day meeting coordinators need an easy solution for booking, communication, tracking, and coordination. Eventcombo helps you centralize all these workflows in one single dashboard. By removing the need for manual intervention, planners can efficiently explore, select, and book venues in a few clicks, saving time and providing maximum value to clients and stakeholders.

What makes it unique?

This isn't your run-of-the-mill meeting management tool—it's a dynamic solution that effortlessly melds into your venue management strategy, bridging the gap between venue or facility managers and your clients. Here's how it works:

Customizable Venue Database: Our venue and facilities tool equips you with streamlined insights on location, capacity, rooms, availability, and more. It offers customizable data fields that help you find the ideal venue for clients. You can track the real-time status of each venue for factors like availability, catering, invoicing, staff, and more.

Streamlined Workflows and Resource Management: Once your venue database is set up, you can send tailored recommendations to clients based on available resources, overseeing every detail of their requests including specific dates, times, and schedules with a personalized calendar.

The tool allows you to manage access levels and permissions, monitor activities in real time, and send tailored communications like confirmations, approvals, or cancellations.

Centralized Facilities Management: Eventcombo centralizes all functions and supports both in-house resources and external vendors. You can easily integrate the data of your in-house resources with external vendors including the management of AV, catering, gift bags, concierge services, furniture, and more. From adding a new catering menu to maintaining an existing vendor of your choice, Eventcombo accommodates these use cases and more.

Optimized Venue Space: Once the venue is secured and resources confirmed, enhance space efficiency by adjusting room configurations, seating arrangements, amenities, and other elements of the floor plan. Maintain clear and transparent communication with stakeholders throughout the process.

Automated Invoicing: With everything automated, your staff won't need to make catch-up calls to confirm booked services, resource usage, and additional charges. Automate itemized invoice generation with customizable templates, distribute invoices, and track their status effortlessly. Lastly, gain comprehensive insights through customized reports for activities across the board.

Planning memorable meetings demands excellence. Eventcombo helps you with an all-in-one meeting and venue management tool to exceed your event goals. Schedule a demo to explore how you can leverage our platform to deliver seamless experiences, end-to-end.