Event Masters: Maureen Elliott of ESPN on Why Event Leaders Shouldn't Be Hiring People Just Like Them (Episode 5)

BizBash chats with Maureen Elliott—director of event marketing at ESPN—to discuss practical steps event leaders can take to ensure they're diversifying their team, ultimately setting everyone up for success.

In this episode of "Event Masters," Maureen Elliott—director of event marketing at ESPN—discusses the importance of diversifying your team and dives into detail on practical ways event leaders can revise their hiring process and management style to ensure they're setting their team up for success by onboarding members with different strengths.

Elliott also explains how a well-rounded, diverse team—which extends beyond race and ethnicity and into personality type, sexual orientation, age and professional experience, to name a few—can lead to a more sustainable work environment that prioritizes mental health and minimizes burnout in employees.  

More About Our Event Master: Maureen Elliott is the director of event marketing at ESPN, where she has built out experiential marketing programs at some of the world’s biggest sporting events, including men’s and women’s World Cup, Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Weekend, NBA All-Star Weekend, Wimbledon, UEFA Euro Cup and summer and winter X Games. Before joining ESPN, Elliott was educated at Saint Peter’s University, St. Bonaventure University and St. John’s University, with degrees in political science and sociology. In 2019 and 2020, respectively, BizBash named her to The BizBash 1,000 and The BizBash 500, which highlighted some of the most influential people in the event industry in the United States. Elliott is a native of central New York, a longtime Chelsea FC Supporter and a proud daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She currently resides in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City.

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