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ENTERTAINMENT: Dance Silently With Wireless System

E5217dj 01
A dance floor at an event or conference doesn't have to distract others with a sonic boom or wailing disco divas. Silent-DJ.com introduced Silent DJ in August, and now guests can writhe and wiggle to hip-hop, punk, or salsa without interrupting networking sessions or seminars. Dancers wear wireless headphones connected to an in-house DJ, who streams music to receivers. The other attendees can't hear the music, but they get an eyeful as dancers pop, sway, and jolt. The concept offers a unique activity, fun to participate in and funny to observe. Headsets can be rented for $25 and $50 each, with transmitter rental included. Through a network of DJs, the company provides DJs in most U.S. locations. —Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Posted 09.15.05

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