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Who's Speaking at BizBash Live: The Expo New York

The Event Innovation Forum and the Workshop Series will bring new speakers and new topics to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 27.

(Pictured, left to right) Ben Nazario, Julie Lindenman, Coltrane Curtis, and DJ Saul
(Pictured, left to right) Ben Nazario, Julie Lindenman, Coltrane Curtis, and DJ Saul
Photos: Stuart Goldenberg (Nazario), Christian Oth Studio (Lindenman), Courtesy of speakers (all others)

Next month the Event Innovation Forum and the Workshop Series return to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center with a new lineup of thought leaders and innovators to discuss the latest ideas and strategies challenging the industry today. Part of BizBash Live: The Expo New York, held October 27, the Forum is a single-track education conference divided into two 90-minute sessions, and the Workshop Series is a selection of hands-on, hour-long seminars that take place in the morning.

Speakers at both the Forum and the workshops will cover a variety of topics, from the psychology of small details and designing the attendee journey to why celebrity is no longer the greatest influence in event marketing and what real-time data can tell industry professionals about their guests. Registration for the Event Innovation Forum and the Workshop Series includes admission to the trade show floor.

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Is the Influencer More Powerful Than the Celebrity?
Coltrane Curtis, founder and creative director, Team Epiphany
Word of mouth is perhaps one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have expanded the reach of peer-to-peer recommendations, shifting power from the brand to the consumer and giving rise to influencers. In this session, Coltrane Curtis, founder and creative director of Team Epiphany, will share insight into influencer marketing and why the celebrity is no longer the greatest influence. The former MTV and Viacom VJ, who now works with brands like Nike, HBO, Heineken, and Cadillac, will discuss how to authentically engage an audience, what brands are doing right and wrong, and how event professionals can truly activate a community.

What Your Attendees Aren’t Telling You
Rana June, founder and C.E.O., Lightwave
Measuring attendee reactions and getting feedback in real time is vital to event organizers. With the proliferation of wearables and mobile technology, there are now millions of connected devices that can track our steps, monitor our fitness, and count our calories—but this only scratches the surface of what’s possible. In this session, Rana June, founder and C.E.O. of San Francisco-based bioanalytics company Lightwave, will explore the significance—and future—of wearable technology, discussing how data gleaned from the devices can help event producers better understand what guests want. June will also share insight into how this data will change sporting events, power concerts with human energy, and enhance all types of live experiences.

Designing the Experience: The Psychology of “Little Details”

Ben Nazario, senior vice president, Sparks

The way attendees absorb and engage while at an event is the way that an experience will be remembered––and it has a lot to do with the details. How a meeting or event is designed should allow for participants to generate their own knowledge and meaning from the experience. In this session, Ben Nazario, senior vice president of Sparks, will explore the relationship between contextual learning and experiential design, sharing tips to ensure that attention is paid to the smallest detail––without losing sight of the big picture––to deliver a lasting impression.

What Does the "Internet of Things" Mean to Event Pros?
DJ Saul, chief marketing officer, iStrategy Labs
Hotly debated in the technology world, the Internet of Things has become a synonym for the future. But what does the idea, the concept of Web-connected devices and sensors that learn and adapt to user habits, mean for event and meeting professionals? In this session, DJ Saul, chief marketing officer of iStrategy Labs, will share how the convergence of digital and experiential will impact the industry, and he will identify what event marketing professionals can do to harness its power. Saul will also examine what the Internet of Things landscape looks like today, giving examples of recent activations and campaigns, while sharing predictions of what the future holds.

7 Ways to Improve the Attendee Experience
Julie Lindenman, senior event producer, Colin Cowie Celebrations
Whether designing a conference, marketing activation, or wedding, event producers all share the same goal: creating a lasting impression. Finding innovative ways to make an experience stand out is a challenge Julie Lindenman, senior event producer at Colin Cowie Celebrations, faces on a daily basis. In this workshop, Lindenman will share the seven rules she uses as a guideline to improve all aspects of her events, such as understanding the “why” behind an event and developing a concept that satisfies the needs of all partners. Attendees will also discover how to incorporate creative elements in the smallest details, including branded accents, lighting, floral masterpieces, and custom fabrications, all while staying within the client’s budget.

What You Need to Know About Event Technology Now
Jeff Benish, New York Financial Institution
Flying drones, holograms, and virtual reality headsets are sure to make a lasting impression on attendees, but is the impression alone enough to convince stakeholders to approve a larger event budget? In this workshop, Jeff Benish, who oversees events for one of New York’s leading financial institutions, will discuss which emerging technologies will truly impact live experiences. Benish will explore and evaluate the latest technologies that should be in your event toolkit, including crowdshaping tools, new event planning software, beacons, and 3-D printing.

Are You Curating Your Best Event?
David Adler, C.E.O. and founder, BizBash
Jeff Kalpak, president, BKA
Cathi Culbertson, vice president of event marketing and conferences,
Competition in the meeting and event space is fiercer than ever, and conference organizers, marketers, and meeting planners must consistently find new ways to make their events stand out. Curating a live experience is both an art and a skill that can be learned. In this workshop, David Adler, C.E.O. and founder of BizBash, along with a panel of conference and meeting experts including Cathi Culbertson, vice president of event marketing and conferences at Forbes, and Jeff Kalpak, president of BKA, will decipher what it takes to curate the perfect event. Topics discussed will include finding the right speaker for a meeting; uncovering what content will drive ticket sales; and exploring the right time balance between education sessions, networking moments, and event sponsor scheduling. Workshop attendees will gain insight into steps that can be taken to program the best live experience.

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