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Aquatica Set to Re-Invent Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando will open its third theme park in the area in March 2008. Aquatica—Orlando's first new water park in 12 years—will cover 60 acres with lush landscaping inspired by the South Sea Islands. Inside, six rivers will wind through hidden grottoes, brightly colored and quirky buildings will be topped by swooping pitched roofs, and rich greenery will adorn towering rock formations. There will be high-speed thrills in the form of 36 water slides, up-close animal experiences ranging from the serene to the extreme, and a combined 80,000 square feet of open-air, sandy beaches. Aquatica will also be the first water park to incorporate live animals from all over the world, including the signature attraction's Commerson's dolphins.
Posted 05.03.07
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