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VENUE: A Fresh Look at Tangerine

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Along with all the recent emphasis on comfort food, calming, comforting surroundings are needed, too. West Village Thai restaurant Tangerine has transformed its upstairs lounge into a calm haven with furniture imported from Burma, tall bamboo plants, and Buddha portraits that adorn the fuschia and tangerine-colored walls. The results are so soothing it's easy to imagine you're relaxing in Southeast Asia sipping Thai coffee. The kitchen, headed by chef Bangorn Changpeak, serves authentic Thai cuisine that includes green curries, spring rolls, grilled meats and seafood that can be easily translated into a spicy, exotic hors d'oeuvres menu. Their upstairs space, perfect for a small event, can accommodate 80 for cocktails, or the entire restaurant can hold 200. --Suzanne Ito
Posted 12.19.01
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