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VENUE: Silvery Elegance at Republik

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While Washington Heights isn't familiar territory for the event set, culinary pioneers Marino Jimenez and chef Ricardo Cardona have opened a brand new restaurant and lounge that might compel event planners to make the hike uptown to familiarize themselves with a burgeoning neighborhood. Called Republik, the space—designed by architect Jorge Diep—offers Latin cuisine without the typical bright, flashy colors, featuring delicate mother-of-pearl encrusted tables and chairs, and muted purple and silver accents on the walls and banquettes in the 75-seat dining room. Upstairs is the spacey 190-seat Champagne Lounge, complete with a full DJ booth, glass-topped cocktail tables, banks of television monitors and a curtained V.I.P. area. —Suzanne Ito
Posted 01.15.03

Editor's Note: Republik is now called DRK.

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