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We're Here to Help—Even Our Competitors

We've always wondered where some other industry publications get their story ideas. So we found it interesting that the editor of another pub recently used our site to send an email to one of the thousands of companies listed in our resource directory. “Hi! I found your site while searching the Internet,” it begins, which is true, but leaves something out (“while searching on the Internet” would be more accurate). “My name is [XXX] and I’m Editor-in-Chief of [XXX] magazine, a national magazine for the event and meeting industry (website: [XXX]). I wanted to both introduce myself and our magazine to you, and mention that I am currently working on a story for an upcoming issue entitled, ‘Yes, a Tent CAN be Installed in That Space!’ and am looking for people/companies to include in the story.” For future reference, we’d like to offer this suggestion to the editor: If you’re looking for sources for your stories, just call us directly! We know plenty of people in the industry.
Posted 12.15.04
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