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New York Reporter Reveals Must-Hear Summer Song

How's this for a backhanded compliment? "We've rarely seen product whoring as skillfully integrated with event design as it was at last night's Entertainment Weekly 'Must List' party." That's New York magazine party reporter Jada Yuan, who also observed this nugget: "Garnier Fructis was in charge of the margaritas, which not only looked like shampoo but kind of tasted like it, too."

Yuan found the celebrity turnout "borderline D-list," noting, "When the girls from Us don't know who's coming down the line, you know it's bad." But—and if you're inviting the writer any time soon, take note—Yuan clearly relished one aspect of the evening: Rihanna's "hot" performance of the "best song ever." Call it one more reason to put "Umbrella" on the DJ's playlist this summer.

Our report from the event is here.