Event Innovators 2011: Describe Your Day in Three Words

Photos: Dan Hallman for BizBash

For our first Innovation Issue, we identified 68 people who are shaping the events industry, including meeting planners, social media experts, caterers, and designers. Just for fun, we asked them to describe an average day in three words. Their responses ranged from humorous to Zen-like, with the words hectic, rewarding, and fun appearing often. Here's what some of them had to say.

"Run. Juggle. Run."
David Stark, 42, president and creative director, David Stark Design and Production, New York

"Cook. Blackberry. Sleep."
Domenic Chiaromonte, 38, owner and chef, T2 Resto-Lounge and Events, Toronto

“Always booked solid.”
Bryan Rafanelli, founder, president, C.E.O., Rafanelli Events, Boston

"Run around manically."
Tom Webster, 48, partner and creative director, Mother New York, New York 

“Fast. Challenging. Rewarding.”
David Michael Rich, senior vice president, strategy and planning/worldwide, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, Boston

"Never enough time."
Sale Stojanovic, 40, co-owner, 3B Productions, Miami

"Active. Exciting. Fulfilling."
Arthur Backal, 49, C.E.O., Backal Hospitality Group, New York

“Whirlwind. Electrifying. Problem-solving.”
Youngsong Martin, 52, founder and chief designer, Wildflower Linens, Buena Park, California

"Action and reaction."
Ira Levy, 47, president, Levy Lighting, New York

"Create. Manage. Celebrate."
Jeffry Roick, 45, director, McNabb Roick Events, Toronto

"5 a.m., 2 p.m., 12 a.m."
Brian Aaron, 30, president, Aaron’s Catering, Miami

"Planned. Changing. Long."
Maneesh K. Goyal, 36, founder and president, MKG, New York

“Dream come true.”
Rehan Choudhry, 31, director of entertainment and special events, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

"Never the same."
Tom Bussey, 41, founding partner, Production Glue, New York

“Design. Exercise. Family.”
David Solsbery, 49, executive design director, Hargrove, Lanham, Maryland

“Energetic, creative madness.”
Michael Nedeau, 38, president/C.O.O., PBD Events, Braintree, Massachussets

"Workout. Work. Badminton."
Christopher Pegg, 47, lighting department manager, Westbury National Show Systems, Toronto

"Hectic. Fun. Rewarding."
Pablo Oliveira, 33, president, Nüage Designs, Miami and New York

“Creative controlled chaos.”
Rick Davis, 44, president, Amaryllis, Washington

"Go. Go. Go!"
Frank Clemente, 49, vice president of creative arts and senior designer/producer, Conceptbait, St. Petersburg, Florida

“I. Run. Fast.”
Cara Kleinhaut, owner, Caravents Inc. Event Production & Design, Los Angeles and New York

“Juggle, juggle, juggle.”
Philip Dufour, 49, principal, Dufour & Co. Productions, Arlington, Virginia

"Entrepreneurial. Stressful. Rewarding."
Branden Chapman, 38, vice president of production and process management, The Recording Academy, Los Angeles

“Busy, busy, busy.”
Barbara Lynch, 47, chef and owner, Barbara Lynch Gruppo, Boston

One more thing.”
Larry Abel, partner, Abel McCallister Designs LLC, Los Angeles and New York

“Not enough hours.”
Raymond McCallister, partner, Abel McCallister Designs LLC, Los Angeles and New York

“Unpredictable. Fun. Long.”
Carleen Cappelletti, president, Bounce-AEG, Los Angeles

“Hectic. Playful. Fulfilling.”
Julie Shanklin, 52, president and C.E.O. Syzygy Event Productions, Gaithersburg, Maryland

King Dahl, 49, executive director of event design, MGM Resorts Events, Las Vegas

“Awake. Breathe. Sleep.”
Dan Mathieu, 52, co-owner, Max Ultimate Food, Boston

“Fast-paced fun.”
Tricia Costello, 35, president, Fresh Wata, Las Vegas

"Challenging. Creative. Satisfying."
Lynn McGhee, 50, chief creative officer and senior designer/producer, Conceptbait, St. Petersburg, Florida

“Hectic. Long. Fulfilling.”
Andre Wells, 38, owner, Events by Andre Wells, Washington

"Hilarious. Inspiring. Overwhelming."
Tara Back, 42, president, Jack Morton Worldwide, New York

“Challenging. Energizing. Fun.”
Jayne Sandman, 31, director, BrandLinkDC, Washington

“Just love it.”
Marc Hall, 53, principal, Marc Hall Design, Boston

“Packed. Diverse. Challenging.”
Eric Michael, owner and creative director, Occasions Caterers, Washington

“Always something new.”
Marlo Fogelman, 39, principal, Marlo Marketing/Communications, Boston

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