Industry Innovators 2024: 10 Caterers and F&B Profs Who Are Rewriting the Rules of Gastronomy

These catering chefs, culinary consultants, and cake designers are helping craft the future of food and beverage.

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"Innovation is the life force of the food and beverage industry," says Todd Segneri, executive chef of Culinary Canvas and one of our 2024 Industry Innovators. "New trends, ingredients, methods, presentations, and infusions are the things that keep us going and motivated to continue creating."

Segneri's sentiment was reinforced through our interviews with all 10 of this year's featured innovators, who range from catering chefs and culinary consultants to cake designers and even a gifting expert with a candy shop-inspired twist. After all, "Culinary arts at its finest is the perfect balance of honoring foundational food techniques while adding your own quality, creative flair to it," shares Desmond Robinson, the chef behind D.Arthur's Catering

This year's diverse range of F&B experts understand the unique ways food can bring people together and enhance live experiences. Click through the profiles below to learn what drew them to the industry, how they define "innovation," their all-time favorite foods, and much more.

Andrew Swanson
Vice President of Culinary, Wolfgang Puck Catering

Caryl Chinn
Founder & CEO, Caryl Chinn Culinary Consulting

Dalana Fleming
Owner & Cake Designer, The Cake & The Giraffe

Desmond Robinson
Owner & Executive Chef, D.Arthur's Catering

Elisabeth Vezzani
Co-founder & President, Sugarwish

Grace Odogbili
Chef & Owner, Dining With Grace

Megan Walker
Owner, Founder & Executive Chef, MBM Hospitality

Phillip Esteban
Owner, Working Class Catering

Shannon Binder
Director of Events, RPM Events

Todd Segneri
Executive Chef, Culinary Canvas

About the list: Our Industry Innovators features are compiled by our editorial team using a variety of resources. The idea is to go beyond the biggest names in the biz—though it has plenty of those too—and dig deep into the industry professionals who are using truly innovative thinking to push the boundaries of live experiences.

If someone has previously been named a BizBash Innovator, they are not eligible for the list. Check out our full Industry Innovators Hall of Fame here!

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