Campfire Theme Includes S'mores as Centerpieces

041313 Conservancyball 105
Photo: Shana Cassidy Photography

The fiery orange lights at the Catalina Casino evoked a giant campfire at the April 13 Catalina Island Conservancy Ball. The fireside vibe carried through the rest of the evening's decor, which included centerpieces of illuminated apothecary jars filled with the makings of a classic campsite snack: s'mores. Although the chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows on the table were more for atmosphere than for eating, guests did have a chance to taste the nostalgic treat—with a slight twist.

Chef Paul Hancock of the Santa Catalina Island Company, who created a three-course meal for the evening, served a dessert that comprised layers of graham crackers with bittersweet dark chocolate and melted marshmallows.

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