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Chicago Mixologist Leads Teambuilding Events, Designs Custom Cocktails and Gifts

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Photo: Bergonia Photography

Mixologist Revae Schneider, who has previously worked at Gilt Bar and Union Sushi & Barbeque Bar, launched her own company in October 2011. Dubbed Femme du Coupe, Schneider's new endeavor focuses on teaching groups how to make classic cocktails. Classes begin with a spirits tasting, then Schneider guides participants through the process of creating three drinks. The classes typically accommodate around 30 guests, though Schneider can work with as many as 50. The cost is $50 per head, plus the cost of materials. Classes can take place at offices, event spaces, or homes.

Schneider can also create custom cocktails to be served at events. When she prepares drinks on site, she practices what she calls "interactive mixology," giving guests the option to create their own drinks alongside her.

Femme du Coupe also sells pre-made cocktail mixers, $40 each, which can be used as corporate gifts. Seasonal mixers include the Lucille Ball, which contains agave syrup infused with blueberry and cinnamon, and is meant to be mixed with tequila. The Mitzi Gaynor, designed to complement rum, melds pumpkin syrup with lemon and Regan's orange bitters. Each carafe can create 10 cocktails.

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