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2013 Preview: BizBash Editors Predict Event Industry Trends

2013 Preview02
Photo: Jeff Golden

“Without the benefit of large, highly publicized events like the Olympics and the Presidential election, brands will work harder to create conversations that engage their target consumer on a more personal level. Ad campaigns, fund-raising drives, and other ploys will need to be closely aligned to in-person marketing efforts, events, and promotions that are better attuned to the local market they take place in to make a more meaningful, lasting impact. Events are no longer one-off affairs, but long-term strategies tied to a brand’s identity.”
Anna Sekula, news editor

“As brands realize that among social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, they have audiences the size of some of the biggest media properties, and they’ll focus more on creating their own content—it’s not just about giving away free stuff, but creating an experience that engages followers. Marketing strategies will shift more heavily toward events and entertainment as catalysts for conversations."
Lauren Matthews, style editor

“Events will return to the nation's capital. Several forces worked against the industry last year, including the presidential election and the fallout from the General Services Administration conference scandal. Some political and media watchers even have predicted the death of the parties around the White House Correspondents' Dinner. But Washington isn't about to give up one of its biggest event weekends—and it shouldn't.”
Beth Kormanink, senior editor

“Paper guest lists will give way to more and more iPad check-ins, which is a much quicker, more streamlined method for locating guests’ names on a massive list. Also, seated dinners will become increasingly rare in favor of more strolling buffets or passed meals that allow guests to mingle more.”
Jenny Berg, associate editor

“I expect to see a return to some of the showy opulence of the pre-recession era—certainly not at every event, but I bet we’ll see a handful of those Dom-filled, no-expense-spared bashes once de rigueur for certain brands that had all but evaporated in the last few years.”
Alesandra Dubin, West Coast editor

“As the steady flow of new apps and technology products for meetings and business events continues, it will become survival of the fittest. The ones that rise to the top of this crowded field will be the smartest, most user-friendly, multifunction apps, such as ones that offer registration, social media promotion, networking, communication, sponsors benefits, and post-event analytics in one low-cost product. The rest will quietly disappear.”
Mitra Sorrells, associate editor

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